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Dear Friend,

Formal and informal caregivers are the bedrocks of a caring society, and they need your help!  A Care Crisis is truly upon us.  Whether you are an older Iowan, an individual with a disability; a family caregiver; an employer of direct care workers; or member of the business community; you are impacted by too few direct care workers.   Whether their title is home care aide, hospice aide, direct support professional, or certified nursing assistant, each and every one is needed to serve the needs of Iowans of all ages and abilities.  The crisis we are facing will only worsen over the next few years. 

Please consider helping by making a financial contribution to support our efforts to ensure access to quality care and support for direct care workers through education and recognition, advocacy, resources, research, relationship-building between family and paid caregivers, and much more.      

Thank you for your consideration of this request. 

Maribel Slinde, Iowa CareGivers Board Chair

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shirleyandbobWhen my husband, Bob, passed in 2015 I donated his memorial to Iowa CareGivers to help support a grassroots awareness campaign to honor all who work in direct care.”  — Shirley Sorenson  

I have seen, first-hand, the impact that Certified Nursing Assistants and other direct care workers have had on my loved ones and me.   They cared for my mother as she became more frail requiring care in a nursing home.  They also cared for my husband through hospice at the end of his life.  I watched as these caregivers provided both the care to my family member with the skills and compassion that supported not only their quality of health but their quality of life. 

“Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love” campaign t-shirts were gifted to over 200 direct care professionals during the Iowa CareGivers conference in memory of Bob. The campaign helps to raise awareness about how important these workers are to families like mine and the Iowans they serve. I felt it important to donate Bob’s memorial to Iowa CareGivers so they can continue to advocate for, educate, and honor this vitally important group of direct care professionals. Please join me in honoring them by making a contribution to support this effort or many of the other great programs offered. Thanks. Shirley

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A Tribute to My Mother

Photo: L to R: Fran Mancl with his mother Margaret.

"She was the one who taught me the real heart of compassionate caregiving."

I made a contribution in memory of my mother Margaret and I am grateful how Iowa CareGivers has my back and supports my passion.  Because of that I can continue to do what is important to me in making a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable Iowan. Fran Mancl, Certified Nursing Assistant

"We contributed to Iowa CareGivers because of our experiences with caregivers for my mom and dad over the past 3 years. We had 50 different home care aides in a single year assisting my mom before she died.  It is obvious to me that the needs for everyone are great and growing.  There is importance to be stressed that home care aides or direct care workers are important to older Iowans and their families.  We must ensure we have educated, skilled, compensated, and prepared direct care workers.”    
Michael Wolnerman, RPh, CCIM, and Family Caregiver.

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Older Iowans and individuals with disabilities...tell us why the direct care workforce is important to you.

Direct care workers...tell us how your life has been touched by someone you serve.

Family caregivers...tell us how you and a loved one have been touched by a direct care worker.

Health and Long Term Care/Service Employers...tell us how your day-to-day operations and the Iowans you serve are impacted by the direct care workers you employ.

Business leaders...tell us how your business or industry is impacted when there are too few direct care workers to assist the family caregivers you employ


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