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Module 1: Management's Role and Commitment

Management's Commitment – "Buy-in"

It is essential that administration commit the time and resources needed to not only implement, but also to maintain the program.

We have learned from the experience of many organizations that without ongoing commitment from the administrative and management staff within your organization, it is difficult to have a successful DCP Peer Mentor Program. A mentor program requires the time, dedicated staff, and investment of other resources for a long-term commitment.


An even more valuable lesson learned is that commitment or "buy in," as some would call it, means different things to different people. Before you begin, it is a good idea to get clear about what "buy-in" means to administration, DCPs, and supervisory/management staff. Defining those commitment expectations will alleviate assumptions that may hamper your progress. Saying that there is "buy-in" is one thing. It is quite another to demonstrate or explain what exactly that means. It can be helpful to put expectations of mentors and administration/management in writing.

Resource #3: "What Does 100% Buy-In to a DCP Peer Mentor Program Mean? What Others Have Said" 

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