How Financially Fit Are You?

What is the Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge?

The Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge is a highly effective on-line training program focused on financial education and well-being.  This program is being offered, FREE of charge, to Iowans who work in direct care and to all employees of Iowa health care organizations—thanks to the generous support of the Iowa Insurance Division, and in partnership with Iowa CareGivers, the Investor Protection Institute, and the Financial Fitness Group. 

Iowa CareGivers is pleased to be a partner in this program that helps participants build confidence in making financial decisions.  This on-line training program gives you a report of your financial readiness, and recommends a 5-course learning plan to help you take better control of your money.  The courses are totally private and participants have access 24/7 from any web browser, using any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Fran Mancl, who works in direct care in Dubuque and is a graduate of the February and May Financial Fitness Challenge, says “Believe me when I say that I found a financial treasure that has helped me as a Direct Care Professional (one who provides direct care) to work toward my financial fitness.” 

Click Here to learn more about Fran’s experience with the Financial Fitness Challenge.

Iowa CareGivers congratulates the 150 health care organizations and over 3,500 health care employees who have participated in the Financial Fitness Challenge as in 2014.  Key Results from the 2014 Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge include:

  • Over 4,000 health care employees participated
  • 10,000 hours of FREE financial education received by participants
  • 85% would recommend the courses to family, friends, and co-workers
  • 70% have made/will make changes financially, because of the Challenge
  • 47% improvement of employees that are setting aside more of their income toward savings
  • 96% improvement in employees’ confidence in understanding topics related to retirement

Click Here to see a list of persons who have demonstrated initiative and taken the Financial Fitness Challenge under the Iowa CareGivers organization, as well as a list of employers who have recognized the importance of financial well-being of their employees and have participated in the Financial Fitness Challenge.

Thank you to all individuals and health care organizations that participated in the Financial Fitness Challenge in 2014!


As a Direct Care Worker, you spend your days taking care of others.  The Financial Fitness Challenge is a FREE program that enables you to build your confidence in making financial decisions for you and your family.  Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of this program. 

If you participated in the 2014 Financial Fitness Challenge, you are able to continue in 2015 WITHOUT registering again.  Share this opportunity with family and friends.  They can participate at NO COST!

If you are NEW to the Financial Fitness Challenge, there are two ways to enroll in this program:
Sign up through your employer:  If your employer has enrolled in the Financial Fitness Challenge, you can participate through your employer.  Be sure to check with the Human Resources Department.
Sign up under Iowa CareGivers: If your employer is not offering this program, REGISTER as an individual Direct Care Worker by clicking here. All you need is an email address.                                    


Click HERE to learn more about the proven results of this NO COST on-line program.  Join other Iowa healthcare organizations like Mercy Medical Center, Solon Care Center, Grundy County Memorial Hospital, HCI VNS Care Services that have used this financial education program to reduce employee stress, improve employee productivity, and lower overall healthcare costs. Click HERE to see an overview of the Financial Fitness Challenge.

The Financial Fitness Challenge will be offered again starting May 2015 to all Iowa health care employers!

SIGN UP for a FREE one hour WEBINAR to learn more about this program and how easy it is to offer to your employees. Take a few seconds to REGISTER for one of four upcoming webinars

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At the webinar, you can learn how to receive this NO COST training for your employees.  Click HERE to see an overview of the Financial Fitness Challenge.

For More Information, Contact:
Mary Ann Young, Consultant, Iowa CareGivers
Phone: 515-223-2805