from_the_heart_recipients_2012Iowa CareGivers “From the Heart” Recognition

The recognition acknowledges organizations and individuals who have contributed their time and other resources to support the work and mission of the Iowa CareGivers.

From the Heart 2012 Recipients


AARP Iowa because of their long term interest in and commitment to the direct care workforce and the Iowans they serve.

Des Moines University Physician Assistant Program

Des Moines University Physician Assistant Program for their continued contribution of time, expertise, and supplies to provide free health screenings during our annual conference.

Mary McLaughlin

Mary McLaughlin for her leadership on several projects and her passion for advocating for the direct care professional and the quality of care that is provided to all Iowans.  What makes her special is the spirit in which she gives of her time and her self. 

Senator Pam Jochum

Senator Pam Jochum for her continued commitment to the direct care workforce by leading efforts in the legislature.  For understanding the importance of this workforce and how important the Iowa CareGivers is to the efforts to give this workforce the respect, the training, the pay and benefits, and the career opportunities they deserve. 

Upper Midwest Public Health Training Center

Upper Midwest Public Health Training Center for significant contributions of in-kind time, expertise, materials, and technical assistance that helped Iowa CareGivers develop our first online toolkit programs as well as producing the video “Empowered to Care.”  

Iowa Public Radio Receives From the Heart Recognition for Caregiver Series

Iowa Public Radio received the Iowa CareGiver's From the Heart recognition for their recent series, "Being a Caregiver in Iowa". Receiving on behalf of IPR was Rob Dillard, who covered the in depth interviews with direct care workers, the father of a child with autism, a hospice nurse, the Alzheimer's Association and others. “The Being a Caregiver in Iowa” series, along with the accompanying “River to River” program, greatly enhanced the public’s understanding of the challenges facing Iowans who need care and services, and those who provide them,” said Maribel Slinde, Iowa CareGivers Board Chair.

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McMahon — Public Health Advocate Honored as Direct Care Champion

mcmahonJulie Mason McMahon was recently honored with the Iowa CareGivers “From the Heart” recognition for her long time role as an advocate for those who work in direct care.

“As a public health nurse providing home care and later as a public health administrator at both the local and state levels, I have always respected the direct care workers who are part of the care team helping those we love stay in their homes and communities. As a society, we need to recognize the critical role direct care workers have in meeting the health care needs of our aging population.” – Julie Mason McMahon

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