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6 in 10

Leave direct care yearly


Largest Sector of Workforce


OF Workforce is women


Care Workers Needed by 2020

What's So Special About Iowa CareGivers

Iowa CareGivers, founded in 1992 by a former nursing assistant, exists to ensure that all Iowans receive good care and support when and where they need it. It does that by serving the needs of those, who outside of family caregivers, provide most of that care and support...the direct care workforce.

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What's so special?

What’s So Special About Those in Direct Care?

“They’re like family members.”  — Michael Westaby, Individual Served

“They’re unsung heroes of the medical field…Without them, I wouldn’t probably be where I’m at.” –Bruce Hamilton, Individual Served

What’s So Special about Our Programs? 

Iowa CareGivers Programs prepare those in direct care to serve the needs of Iowans by being:  Prepared, Connected, Informed, and Empowered.

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What's New?

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